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The following information is provided by Nordaq in accordance with Article 13 of the Data Protection Regulation.

Who is responsible for personal data?

Nordaq Water Filter Systems AB
Address: Sveavägen 166, 113 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Email address:

The purposes and the legal basis for each treatment
When we receive an e-mail address or other contact information from you, your personal information will be processed so that we can contact you in the future, among other things to provide our newsletter. The basis for processing your personal information in the form of your contact information is our legitimate interest; Among other things, to be able to provide information about our offers and services in the form of a newsletter and to be able to contact you in the future.​​

What are the recipients or the categories of recipients who will access the personal data?
The personal data will not be transferred to third parties.

Does any third-party transfer occur?
No, no transfer of your personal data to third parties.

How long is the personal data stored?
The personal data will not be saved longer than necessary. If you ask us to delete your personal information or state that you do not wish to receive additional newsletters, we will remove your information. The information will also be deleted if we get any indication that a previously specified email address is no longer relevant.

What rights do you have as registered?
According to the Data Protection Ordinance, you have the following rights regarding our processing of your personal data. The exercise of your rights is completely free of charge. However, if a request to receive information is manifestly unfounded or unreasonable, we have the right to charge a fee that covers administrative costs associated with your request. It may also happen that we deny a request that is unfounded or unreasonable.

I. Right to access your personal data
You have the right to get extracts from registered personal data and verify the information we deal with for you. This right can be exercised by contacting us by e-mail or in writing together with a copy of the ID card or the like (if requested by us and is permitted by law). If the request comes from a person other than you without proof that such a request is lawfully requested on your behalf, the request will be rejected.

II. You have the right to delete your personal data
You have the right to request that your personal data be deleted
a) the data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected;
b) if our processing of your personal data lacks a legal basis,
c) if deletion is required to fulfill a legal obligation,
d) whether the processing is for direct marketing and you oppose the processing of the data
e) if you oppose personal data processing that is after a balance of interests and there are no legitimate interests that outweigh your interests.

III. You are entitled to rectification of incorrect personal data
You have the right to receive incorrect or incomplete information that we deal with if you corrected it. Depending on the purposes of the treatment, you may also have the right to request supplementation of personal data that is not complete.

IV. You have the right to object to direct marketing
You always have the right to object to direct marketing and to such processing of personal data that is based on a balance of interests (i.e. the reason justified interest). For example, if you objecting to direct marketing, we will cease processing your personal data for such purposes.

V. You have the right to object to our treatment
When we treat your personal data with the support of our legitimate interest, you always have the right to object to the treatment. In such cases, we will cease processing and personal data will be erased to the extent that we do not have legitimate interests that outweigh your interests.

VI. You have the right to request the limitation of treatment
You have the right to request that we limit the processing of your personal data if, for example, you consider that the personal data is incorrect. The right to limitation applies during the time we process your request if you have objected to the processing of certain personal data, if the processing is unlawful but you prefer a restriction before deletion or if we need to process the data to determine, enforce or defend a legal claim.

Automated decision making
There is no automated decision-making (including profiling).

You always have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Inspectorate or the corresponding supervisory authority
Should you have any comments on our processing of personal data, it is possible to contact the Data Inspectorate for making complaints. Complaints can be made through the Data Inspection pdf-form for this purpose, sent or by letter to Datainspektionen, Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm.

Direct Marketing?
Your personal data may be processed for direct marketing in the form of newsletters which will be sent out a couple of times annually. You always have the right to object to direct marketing.

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